World’s Largest Indoor Farm Produces 10,000 Heads of Lettuce Per Day

10,000 head of lettuce produced each day! That's a lot of salad. Farming is changing, evolving and growing at exponential rates. We're figuring out how to grow more food in less space while using less...

Portable Solar Powered Aquaponics Greenhouse Can Grow Food Year Round

Solar Powered Aquaponics Greenhouse Makes Year Round Growing Possible - Here's another Off Grid World original design concept.  It's a modular aquaponics greenhouse made from converted recycled shipping containers. Each of the shipping containers are...

Grow 600 Plants in 36sqft Hydroponic Vertical Garden System

Here's how to grow 600 plants in a 36 square foot area. This is a vertical garden which employs a high density grow system which maximizes the use of space. Taking a 36 square...
backyard aquaponics system

Backyard Aquaponics: DIY System to Farm Fish & Veggies

Aquaponics is the growing of veggies and fish in a closed loop system and is perhaps one of the more efficient farming methods for growing your own food. It's also scalable and can produce...
Jellyfish Barge Greenhouse

Awesome 750sqft Solar Powered Floating Greenhouse is Pure Genius

How about a solar powered floating greenhouse? Want one? I do. Dubbed the Jellyfish Barge. It's a 750sqft octagonal shaped barge which floats atop recycled plastic barrels. Capable of supporting and providing up to...

DIY Rain Gutter Aquaponic System

  For an extremely efficient and inexpensive gardening idea, check out this awesome DIY system from Morningstar Fishermen that combines aquaponic gardening with vertical gardening, using a few readily-available materials.  This simple setup makes a...
Solar Powered Farm

Growing Healthy Food & Feeding The World on a 3 Acre Solar Powered Farm

Growing enough healthy food to feed millions of malnourished and poverty stricken people is not as hard as it seems. Will Allen of Growing Power has proven time and again his system of growing...

Year Round Gardening in a Greenhouse!

Growing year round in a heated greenhouse. Video by:

How to Make an Aquaponic Pond System

We have featured several types of aquaponic systems that all have the benefit of growing an abundance of food in a small space, with fish as the source of natural nutrients for the plants....

Simple DIY Aquaponic System Made With Barrels

Setting up a decent-sized aquaponic system does not have to be complicated or expensive.  Using a few easily-attainable materials, you can build a barrel system similar to this one built in China.  The builders...