$150 Natural Built Cordwood Round House

Roundhouse (cordwood)

Tony Wrench has built a natural cordwood round house from the wood found around his land, for a staggeringly low price of $150! This kind of natural building, and inexpensive construction is something everyone should take note of, and aspire to follow Tony’s lead.

Roundhouse (cordwood)

“…This is Tony Wrench’s cordwood roundhouse den in Wales. Like many of Tony’s homes it’s based on a henge of roundwood timbers with the ends charred and daubed in pitch before being buried in the ground. The roundhouse cost Tony around £100 ($150) to build using timbers from the woodlands that surround his home and some reclaimed windows. It was built with the help of volunteers who came to learn how to build these beautiful homes, but specifically, how to build a reciprocal roof. A reciprocal roof is a self-supporting spiral of timbers where each timber rests on the next and needs no central support…”  ~ NaturalHomes.org