5 Story Farm In The Middle of The City Vertical Farm Project

vertical farm

Growing Power wants to build a 5 story Vertical Farm in the middle of Milwaukee!



If you’re not familiar with Growing Power, then you need to check this article out. 1 Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres

This is an ambitious project to be sure, but if anyone can do it, Will Allen can. He’s proven his system works, and can produce more food per acre than anyone ever thought possible. The old adage and rural legend of needing 2 acres of land to provide enough food for a single family is completely and utterly smashed into oblivion.

333k pounds of food per acre is a phenomenal achievement, not just for the single family, but for agriculture as a whole. It’s by far the most successful farming technique with regard to usage of space that has ever been created.

Vertical farming is nothing new, but what is innovative is the combination of farming techniques into one single system that can grow more than enough healthy organic food than anyone ever thought possible.

The Vertical Farm

“…Imagine a five-story farm in the middle of a city! This innovative conceptual design developed by Growing Power and The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc. will expand and improve Growing Power’s greenhouse and aquaponics operations currently spread over a two-acre site located in the City of Milwaukee. Five stories of south-facing greenhouse areas will allow production of plants, vegetables, and herbs year-round. Expanded educational classrooms, conference spaces, demonstration kitchen, food processing and storage, freezers, and loading docks will further support Growing Power’s expanding mission as a local and national resource for learning about sustainable urban food production. Administrative offices, volunteer spaces, and staff support areas will be closely connected to greenhouse and educational areas to allow for active observation and participation. “The decline in arable land, ongoing global climate change, water shortages and continued population growth could change our view of traditional farming from soil-based operations to highly efficient greenhouses or urban farms.” – ALLEN WASHATKO, TKWA

via .http://www.growingpower.org/verticalfarm.html