8 Reasons to Build a Geodesic Dome


Downsides to Geodesic domes

There are Problems with Moisture and Dampness in a Tightly Sealed House.

Moisture will accumulate inside a house as a result of washing, cooking, showers, transmission of vapour through the walls and conduction of damp air into the house through gaps. With air conditioning the moisture level will be controlled because the air conditioner extracts the moisture and condenses it at the evaporator coil. When the house is being heated, the moisture level will be controlled by the fact that as air is heated, its relative humidity decreases. Opening a vent at the top of the dome’s cupola during warmer weather will supply a ventilation to dry the air or briefly running the air conditioner, can control the moisture.

Geodesic dome greenhouse
Having good ventilation is key to reducing the moisture