9 Year Old Girl Builds Shelters & Grows Food for the Homeless

This little girl saw the world she lives in and didn’t like what she saw. She saw people who didn’t have a place to live, so she did something about it. She is learning to build warm, dry, mobile shelters that the homeless can sleep in. She does the work herself with help from her mom. Why is she doing it? Same reason anyone does anything, it just needs to be done, and no one else seems to be doing it. So she is, pretty simple concept, maybe we should take a lesson from her.


She noticed they didn’t have enough food to eat so what do you think this little girl did? She did what needs to be done, she started a garden and donates the food to the people who don’t have enough food. Pretty simple, yes simply amazing. A little girl, she didn’t think about how hard it might be. She didn’t worry about how she would be able to do it. She just did what we all know needs to be done, she saw we were not doing anything to help, so she did it her self.

Here is her story take a look and learn how to do what needs to be done from a 9 year old expert. Click the link below.