90 Year Old & 2 Ministers Arrested in Florida For Feeding Homeless!

I’m pissed! No, I’m disgusted…. I normally don’t get upset and post opinion posts and I try my best to stay neutral and report from a non-biased point of view. This is wrong, and we shouldn’t have to say it’s wrong!

Police Arrest 90 Year For Feeding Homeless


UPDATE VIDEO: Watch as cops arrest a 90 year old man for feeding homeless people.


This just pisses me off to no end and it should make you very angry too. They arrested people for helping people!

Seriously!? What is our world coming to when authorities arrest people for helping people! It’s wrong. Why do we have to tell the powers that be, that this is wrong?

This is reprehensible, and a moral tragedy. It’s ethically and morally WRONG on too many levels to even begin condemning it. It shouldn’t have to be condemned because it should have never happened in the first place.

Cops even told them ‘Drop that plate immediately!’ 

Are we seriously losing touch with our humanity, our compassion, and common sense so much so that we let authorities treat homeless people this way, much less the people who try to help the homeless!? What is wrong with the city counsels and police departments who do this and “enforce” such obviously inhumane laws!?

“…The city commission voted Oct. 22 in favor of an ordinance that limits where outdoor feeding sites can be located, requires the permission of property owners and says the groups have to provide portable toilets, the Sun-Sentinel reported. The law took effect last Friday….” RawStory

The ONLY reason the city decided to do this is because they didn’t want to get sued. It’s a liability issue, and because they don’t want to spend money on fighting lawsuits, they decide to enact an ordinance that infringes on human rights.

Cities, counties, states, and federal authorities need to know that they will be held accountable for their actions. They are not above the law. Cities, counties and states seem to be forgetting that their ordinances and regulations do not trump federal law. The law should not even have to be used in this circumstance.

This should be a no-brainer not to hurt people who are helping people. Especially don’t lock up ministers and 90 year old elderly people who want to help homeless people.

Instead of hurting the people who are trying to help, try helping people instead! You’ll be less of an a**hole!

This will sound extreme, but we are supposed to HELP one another, and when you’re locking up the people who help the people who need help, that is a crime against humanity. It’s a crime against compassion. It’s a crime against decency. It flies in the face of charity and humanity. It’s unethical and immoral.

The city counsel, the police department, and any who voted to enact a law which makes it a crime to help people should be severely reprimanded. They should be held accountable to the travesty of their actions and reminded that we’re supposed to HELP people, not hurt them!


What’s your opinion?

UPDATE NOVEMBER 6th 2014 – 90 year old man arrested earlier in the week, RETURNS to feed the homeless again! GOOD FOR HIM! SHARE! Get the word out that homeless people are people too. Tell the county and city officials to repeal the ordinance!
SOURCE: http://www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/uncucumbered/90_year_old_arrested_for_feeding_the_homeless_returns_in_defiance_of_the_new_law


via: RawStory
90-year-old Florida man faces 60 days in jail for feeding the homeless