An Electric Pickup Truck and Big Rig Are Part of Tesla’s Plans Starting In 2019!

We’ve watched as Tesla has become the highest valued car company in the U.S, bypassing Ford and GM recently, and they’ve done it with just a few models available to the public, none of which are America’s most popular vehicle, a pickup truck. Well, that is about to change in the next couple of years. While people have talked about it, created their own mockups of what a Tesla pickup may look like, and generally daydreamed of the day one would roll off the production line, Elon Musk has said via Twitter that a pickup truck is in the company’s plans for 2019 and beyond.

If all goes to plan Tesla would be making a pickup truck available sometime in 2019 though details are scarce for the time being, there could be an announcement when they announce more on the Model 3 and their redesign of their original roadster, which is expected to be available in a convertible option when it is re-released. The plans for an electric pickup truck would be part of their lower cost consumer vehicles which is also likely to include a compact SUV. On top of that, they are also planning to pursue an electric model “Big Rig” and with their automated systems, that could be the big story down the road. An electric big rig could revolutionize the trucking industry, and it would also push others into providing more power charging stations along major shipping routes which would likely benefit all drivers of electric cars.