Approval of International Standards Could Clear Roadblocks For Tiny Homes

Tiny homes have become a bit of a global craze in the last few years, which if you own a tv and have cable then you probably have noticed. One of the problems that tiny homes face here in the U.S. have been the wide variety of building codes that can prevent them from meeting basic standards in some areas, but those standards are often based on old ideas or were intended to keep landlords from creating subpar housing to rent to those who can’t afford other options. Tiny house enthusiasts know what they want, often are trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle, and want to have a smaller, more affordable, footprint, which is why the recent approval of international standards for tiny homes could be great news moving forward.


With a creation of an international standard, it sets the stage and gives a starting point, for the U.S. to base similar standards on. This could help the tiny home community find a more receptive environment here in the states in the near future in a lot more areas. With the approval of the international standards, there is optimism that it will help progress within the movement and allow people to build the tiny home of their dream without unnecessary restrictions. Hopefully this will be the first step towards a wider acceptance for tiny home living and clear some of the roadblocks currently in the way.