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Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

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You don’t have to be a “prepper” or even plan on living off grid to need basic survival gear and skills. In fact, almost every expert, every government, every survivalist, recommends at least several days worth of supplies and various tools and other items in case of an unforeseen emergency that can leave you without power or ways to get to a store (or in case stores are sold out, closed, etc) for at least 3 days to a week. A basic rule is a gallon of water per person per day, so if it is just you then you need to have at least 3 to 7 gallons of drinkable water and that is just the beginning of things you should have on hand for an emergency. Canned goods (and a can opener) and other non-perishable food items, blankets, chemical hand warmers, a reliable knife, tarps (or large trash bags, which can also be made into a poncho if you need it), flashlights/lanterns with fresh batteries, an emergency radio, even things like a sewing kit (in case you need to stitch a wound) and basic first aid kits are all things you should have set aside just in case.


This, of course, is for an emergency while you still have the luxury of being at home. If you are out camping or on a hike, long drive, etc, then you need items that will help with a shelter, starting a fire, water purification, and even items like wire and fishing line that you can use to make small snare traps to catch game for food. Of course figure out what you need is just the first step, getting it all gathered up is the next and there are ways to do that. Companies like ZombiBox offer subscription services that can deliver some of the survival gear you need right to your door.  This can be life saving in an emergency situation and can provide you with quality survival gear to go along with the supplies and makeshift gear you can salvage from home.



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