As Winter Moves In, Protectors at Standing Rock Find Novel Ways to Supply Needed Power.

The protests at Standing Rock are still going strong even as winter pushes its way into the Dakotas making conditions tough on everyone involved. There have been tiny homes delivered, winter tents, sleeping bags, and other cold weather supplies, and even up to 2,000 veterans have arrived in order to stand between the protesters and the private security and police who have used water cannons (in freezing temperatures), pepper spray, and flash-bang grenades to try and disperse those gathered to peacefully protest and protect native land and water supplies. Of course, with harsh conditions there are also novel ways to supply much needed power to the thousands gathered so that people can broadcast on their cell phones and other devices.

One of these unconventional methods has been the use of a bike generator to charge phones and other electronics. The bike is hooked to a small generator and it can power up to 25 electronic devices and the act of peddling can at least help keep a person warm(er) while they provide an extremely important service to the water protectors and journalists on the ground. The ingenuity will help keep the broadcasts and information coming, especially since we have to rely on those at Standing Rock for our information due to the lack of interest from our media.