Back Yard Bee Keeping Made Simple

I remember as a kid having bees on our small farm. That was one of the reasons our crops did so well.┬áThat was back in the mid 80’s.

Now we are faced with the bee colony collapse disorder. A study has been done on finding out what has caused this to happen. They found over 20 pesticides and antifungal agents in the pollen of bees in the same areas that disorder was detected.


The find of that many chemicals in the pollen raises more questions than answers. Is it a combination of some of these chemicals that cause the colony collapses? They aren’t sure yet what the actual cause is other than “It is a Fungal infection” of some sort.

The flowers and crops can’t produce with out these little guy’s buzzing around.


This father and son are doing there part in helping their local environment with a new beehive.