Beautiful home decorations around the world / Indian Mud Huts

I am always astonished about how people tend to decorate their houses based on their own aesthetic perspectives and traditions. The vernacular architectures around the world have best examples of these beautiful homes which are not built only by readily available materials and local techniques but also with love and passion which reflect the aesthetic soul of the people building and living inside of these homes.


The artistry shows individuality, beauty, and a desire to continue the creative process.  It’s not a cookie cutter home, but each one is unique in properties.  It is highly efficient under the heat of the sun without modern technologies for air conditioning.  We can learn something from this vast internet about how others make do, and take what is good from it to plan for our own futures.


These beautiful Indian mud huts are decorated using henna style paintings on the wall.  The people who live in these dwellings belong to primitive cultures based on our own understanding of civilization.   Yet the attention they give to their homes is quite amazing.


These ecologic mud homes are truly exemplary of a worldwide concept that  home is where the heart is.  They are personal, they are private and they are built out of love for a family to have comfort wherever built.