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Beekeeper Trained His Bees To Make Honey From Weed

Beekeeper Trained His Bees To Make Honey From Weed

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Now here’s a cool idea! Weed-infused honey. This beekeeper apparently trained his bees to make honey from marijuana. Apparently it’s possible to have natural made THC honey. Now I don’t know about you, but if true, this is really a novel idea. Homesteaders who love bees and weed might do well learning this technique. Honey is a natural antibiotic anyway, as well as a natural sweetener, and it’s great on fresh home baked biscuits! THC and cannabinoids are said to have medicinal value and is purported to treat cancer and many other illnesses.


So, if this is for real, and bees will make honey from weed, and the cannabinoids and THC are transferred to the honey, then this could be a medical breakthrough. As well as provide a great sweet treat while giving you the munchies at the same time.

Regardless of where you stand on medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, or any cannabis plant, rest assured, it’s a plant with many uses. Hemp in fact can produce thousands of products from paper to clothes, biodegradable planet friendly plastics, and even biofuel!

Cannabis is making a comeback.

This is a very sweet victory indeed!


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