Checklist for Winterizing Your Off Grid Cabin and Homestead

As you know we are well into winter at this point, but it is never too early to start getting ready for a better prepared winter next year. You might still get some helpful insights for this year but at the very least you will be getting the information to make next winter a better prepared experience. This winter is this upon us and it might be a good time to get some ideas on indoor projects you can do if you are closed in this winter. Projects that you have put off the rest of the year, may be at the front of the line now when it is cold wet and snowy. The outdoor stuff can wait until warmer weather, but many things can still be done to get ready for spring.



This checklist is from a homesteader who gets far more snow than most of us so perhaps we can get some ideas from this list that we may have missed because we are not in such an extreme environment. Click the link below to see the whole story.