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China Is Becoming A World Leader In Solar

China Is Becoming A World Leader In Solar

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2016 was a big year for solar in the U.S. and across the globe. Even in nations like China, which is usually one of the countries cited as having major pollution problems, especially air pollution, there was more than a doubling of solar capacity in the last year which actually had them leading the world in new solar capacity with more on the way as Beijing plans on running the country on 20% renewable energy by 2030, with more than 360 billion going to solar infrastructure in just the next 3 years. China has been investing heavily in green energy in recent years

China is already home to the largest solar farm on the planet by capacity, but they will need to upgrade their power grid since it isn’t able to integrate all the new solar capacity that is available which resulted in many solar farms in the northwest of the country being idle for much of the year. China still has a significant air pollution problem, especially in their major cities but with the current investment in renewable energy, they are looking to turn that around and they are quickly becoming a world leader in solar innovation.

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