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Cost of Solar Power Continues to Fall.

Cost of Solar Power Continues to Fall.

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Something most who have bought solar panels in the recent past know is that the cost of solar is going down, and substantially compared to the last decade or more, and these costs aren’t just at the consumer end. The cost in manufacturing solar panels impacts even larger solar energy companies, probably even more so due to how wholesale and bulk buying discounts work, plus direct deals with manufactures by energy companies.

cost of solarWhat this means is that recently the cost of solar energy, in some countries at least, has dropped to about half of the cost of more traditional energy supplies. In fact, in Chile they were basically giving energy away because the cost of solar and the amount it was generating had reached a zero price point (great for consumers not so much for those investing in energy companies) This is something critics of renewable, especially solar, have said would never happen or that it was still so far in the future that we just have to keep everyone attached to the grid for their own good! (Try not to laugh too hard) With some of the new advancements we’ve covered here at Off Grid World, those costs are only going to keep going down.

Major solar farms or other large scale operations aside, I think we can agree that the lower cost of manufacturing solar panels, battery systems, and other components needed for home solar systems is great news for the future of those looking to start, or already, living off-grid.

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