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Couple Takes 6000 Mile Solar Powered Road Trip in Tesla Model X Across Canada

Couple Takes 6000 Mile Solar Powered Road Trip in Tesla Model X Across Canada

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A Canadian couple takes a Tesla Model X on a 6000 mile solar powered road trip. This is amazing. You had me at road trip! That it’s a solar powered electric car road trip is beyond cool.

The highly anticipated Tesla Model X has been getting mostly positive reviews. It’s packed with the latest technology, it comes in a 6 seat option for more room, and of course, continues the Tesla tradition of sustainable energy-driven vehicles that break the mold of what we used to think of electric vehicles.


Most owners of the Tesla Model X are going to use it to commute to work, drive around town, and basically do what most of us use our vehicles for.  The real test of any vehicle is how it holds up to the good old-fashioned road trip, which is exactly what one Canadian couple is doing by taking their new Tesla on a cross Canada tour.

The trip is 6,200 miles, and to really put it to the test, they are making the trip while towing a camper (which is powered by 8 semi-flexible solar panels).

The biggest challenge will be the short supply of Supercharger stations along stretches of the journey. They will be pushing their range to the limits to make their campground destinations so that both they, and their new Tesla Model X, can recharge. So far they are managing about 160-185 miles per charge with the trailer in tow.

They expect their journey to last about 2 to 2 1/2 months which means they should be nearing the end of their journey which they started at the end of June. You can follow their journey and see their experiences with the new Tesla Model X.

Now, this is the kind of road trip I’d love to take.


follow their journey at TeslaxCanada