Cute Little 500sqft Strawbale Tiny House

strawbale tiny house

Strawbale homes are affordable and well insulated. This tiny house is built from reclaimed and natural materials. 500 square feet may not seem like much, but it’s easier to heat and cool, and provides plenty of room for living. This cute little house is the perfect little cottage home. Beautiful.

strawbale tiny house

“Down to Earth designed this 500 SF strawbale studio apartment in Arlington, Virginia…Walls are strawbale infill around a timber frame structure.  Exterior has wood siding, while interior uses clay plaster dug from the site.  Most of the interior materials were salvage or repurposed, including the windows, flooring, fixtures, and cabinets.  The dormers have a planted roof to help absorb rainwater and keep the loft cool.”


Image Credit: Sigi Koko & Down to Earth