Drought Threatens US

U.S. Drought Map

Nationwide, Farmers are saying we are in the midst of the worst drought they’ve ever seen, and some have even compared it to the 1936 Dust Bowl back in the “Dirty Thirties” which caused major ecological and agricultural damage.

The Chicago Tribune is calling it “The most extensive drought in five decades

US News and World Reports says:

“…According to experts, the drought hitting the U.S. this year is the worst since the 1950s. More than 60 percent of the country is experiencing drought conditions. And, while the brunt of the damage will be borne by farmers, all consumers will be affected….”

MSNBC Reports: Drought killing fish, waterfowl threatened too

“…The drought and extreme heat wreaking havoc across the U.S. farm belt is killing fish by the thousands in lakes and rivers…”

Is this current drought comparable to the Dust Bowl of 1936?

Dust Bowl

Is this it, or could it get even worse? Could we see another Dust Bowl?

The economic damage that such a bad drought could inflict on the nation is far reaching. Food prices are going up. Couple that with the collapse of the housing market in 2008, the near collapse of our nation’s banks and big automakers, the record level unemployment, and the severely¬†increased costs of living, Americans are feeling the pressure. Homelessness is on the rise, and food shortages are the last thing people need right now.

Economists have warned that we have not seen the market reach bottom yet. Is this drought making it worse?Corn and soy prices are going up and other crops are sure to follow as this drought continues.

Could this be the beginning of a new deeper depression?

Or are we just overreacting to nature?


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