Florida Voters Stand Up For Solar Power!

This election season was a rollercoaster, but in FL the voters managed to reject an anti-solar amendment disguised as a pro-solar initiative. The amendment needed 60% of the vote to pass and failed to reach that mark by 9 points. The proposal, while claiming a number of things in the name of “consumer protection” was funded heavily by utility companies and would have paved the way for them to charge more fees to anyone who had rooftop solar panels, whether they were attached to the grid or not and would have crippled the off grid potential in a state ranked 3rd in the nation for solar power potential.



By attempting to label the amendment as if it were pro-solar, a tactic far too common in politics, it seems they were hoping to take advantage of low information voters or those who simply didn’t have the time to research all initiatives on the ballot, something that can be a daunting task these days. Several groups and websites reported on this attempt leading up to the election, which helped reveal that the backing for this amendment was backed by the utility companies and was worded in such a way that it could have opened up the floodgates for unfair taxation and regulation of those living off grid.