Food is Essential to Survival and Scotland is Poised to Make it a Right.


Not everyone lives the same type of lifestyle. Some like to be surrounded by new gadgets and the latest technology. Others opt for a simpler life, preferring to grow their own food, and owning just what they need to get by. No matter what type of lifestyle you prefer though, all people need the same things in order to survive, water, food and shelter from the elements. These are the basic needs that most of learn about in elementary school, and it appears that Scotland is looking to make access to affordable food a protected right in their nation. It might seem simple to some, but it would mean that the government would be responsible to making sure that all citizens have this access as a basic right of being Scottish.
The last several years have seen cuts to the welfare system and benefits throughout the U.K. and these cuts have placed extra strain on food banks and other charities as delays in benefits have increased. Making access to food a right does seem like a reasonable goal of any government, after all, nobody can survive without it, which is why those who live off grid make food supply a top priority. Off grid living requires being self reliant, and you see more attempts at off grid communities so that people can pool their resources, and share the responsibility of food production to help ensure that they have more than enough for basic survival. While there are ways to grow your own food almost anywhere, the step to make food a right, can at least help protect those who, for any number of reasons, are unable to provide, or afford, enough food on their own.