Free University: [Concept]

Free University

Below is a rough draft of a concept for a free University offering no-cost college level higher learning.  The education would be provided via a sponsorship, membership program.

Free University


Free University/College

100% Free College Level Education.
100% Open Sourced/Open Course curriculum.

MISSION: To provide free access to a world class college level education.
PHILOSOPHY: Teach freely and share information and resources.

The goal is to create a new system of higher education through a cooperative open environment, and to make it free for those who have the openness, drive, creativity, and ambition to work.

Talent Based Education: Everyone has a talent, and/or the ability to form some kind of talent and advance their current talent. The goal of this educational system, is not to reinvent the entire educational method or theory. There are sound concepts and practical methods in use today already.

So, using the foundational systems already in place and that have been tried and truly tested methods used to educate, we can then concentrate our efforts almost entirely on funding a free higher education model.

Adopting an educational system which is in place already, allows us to create a new scalable model that is “Open Source” and that has an “Open Course” curriculum applicable to almost any industry, and that will inspire more innovation which in turn builds on this foundation, and creates an ever evolving dynamic educational environment.

THE PROBLEM: Traditional higher learning mechanisms require the student to fund their own education by taking out a student loan, paying out of pocket, qualifying for a government grant, or any combination of these methods. This is a backward approach. Of course it costs money to create a curriculum, and to pay the instructors, professors, and administrative staff, executives, and the tradesman to build and maintain the buildings and complexes on campus. The problem with this model, is people are getting paid to educate students while cost of living increases for the campus staff and continually drain the educational budget through higher teacher salaries, tenure, and pensions. These costs are a massive drain on the system, and it’s why education costs so much that ordinary people have to turn to outside sources of funding and financial aid to have the money to purchase a two or four year degree.