GOLD!!! 6.25 Troy Pound Gold Nugget Found in Butte County California!

Butte Nugget

There’s GOLD in them thar hills! No…for real! A 6 pound gold nugget (dubbed the Butte Nugget) was found by a prospector in Butte county California un July 2014. The gold nugget was recently auctioned off at Kagin’s Inc. for a price of $400,000! This is a once in several lifetimes find. The prospector who found it was metal detecting.

The Butte Nugget is the second largest placer nugget ever found in California.

Butte Nugget

Butte County Gold Nugget

“They’re still out there…Buried treasure in all it’s forms is still there, and it’s still being found today.”

Is this the start of a new Gold Rush?