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Google Invests $100 Million to Make Residential Solar More Affordable

Google Invests $100 Million to Make Residential Solar More Affordable

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Last week, just in time for Earth Day, Google announced an agreement with their Iowa utility partners to supply their data center facilities with up to 407 megawatts of wind energy.  This will be their biggest renewable energy purchase to date, and will not only cover their current facilities but allow for future expansion.

But Google does not just work to make their own operations more green; they have invested over $1 billion in renewable energy projects all over the world to make renewable energy available to more people and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Now, Google takes another step toward this goal by announcing a major new investment into solar energy.  They have partnered with SunPower to create a fund that will help finance the purchase of residential rooftop solar systems.  The fund will total about $250 million – $100 million from Google and $150 million from SunPower.  Google will buy the solar panel systems using this fund and will lease them out to homeowners at a reduced cost – typically lower than what they pay for their electric bill.  So homeowners will not only help the environment by participating in the program, but will also save money by spending less than they would normally spend on electricity.



We’re pleased to team with SunPower to make solar power accessible to more homeowners, and offer families a more effective way to reduce their carbon footprint.  Google is committed to promoting the efficient use of resources and expanding the use of renewable energy. Our partnership with SunPower makes good business sense and supports our goals for a clean energy future.


Via Google Blog and SunPower

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