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Google To Use 100% Renewable Energy By End Of 2017!

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With federal and state governments slow to impose mandates to reduce use of fossil fuels (often due to heavy lobbying, and the money that goes with it, from the fossil fuel industry) we are seeing cities and even corporations themselves making the switch to renewables on their own. You can now add Google to that list as they have pledged to run their offices and affiliated sites on 100% renewable energy in 2017.

At first glance it may not seem like a huge deal but when you learn that Google uses the same energy as the entire city of San Francisco, you can see how big of a step that actually is. With data centers, offices, and various production lines across the country and the world, this is an important step towards renewable energy and an example for others to follow.
Over the last decade Google has, relatively quietly, made deals with energy companies and renewable energy producers to buy their power from their wind, solar, and hydroelectric systems, which has made it easier for the same companies to finance building more wind turbines, solar systems, and so on. Tech companies like Google tend to use a lot of power, and they are the corporations who seem to be leading the charge in helping promote and encourage more renewable production and investment.

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