Growing Healthy Food & Feeding The World on a 3 Acre Solar Powered Farm

Solar Powered Farm

Growing enough healthy food to feed millions of malnourished and poverty stricken people is not as hard as it seems. Will Allen of Growing Power has proven time and again his system of growing is one of the most productive systems in the world.

Solar Powered Farm



He’s produced over 1 MILLION pounds of food on his 3 acre farm in Milwaukee, WI, and continues to do so year after years, supplying healthy food to the community through his non profit organization.

Will Allen’s work is changing the way we garden and farm. His food systems grow more food per square foot than most other farms in the world. Scaling this up we could not only provide healthy food for local communities, we could use the growing techniques to provide food for millions of people worldwide through sharing of this knowledge, and teaching others how to do this on their own land.

This proves it can be done. It proves it’s viable. And that one could essentially create a profitable business out of it, while also feeding millions of hungry people.

That is truly inspiring.