Hawaii is Ahead of Schedule To Meet Goal of 100% Renewable Energy!

In mid 2015 Hawaii became the first state to announce intentions to go to 100% renewable energy. Their goal was to reach the 100% threshold by 2045 but a new report seems to have the state on track to reach that goal at least 5 years early with some individual islands reaching that goal much sooner. Part of why they are already ahead of schedule is the expansion of consumer solar systems and their excess power being sold back to the grid. With some islands being further ahead and with more excess energy available, there are talks of inter-island power lines to connect the various islands in the Hawaiian chain. Such a plan was not part of the original forecast and could see the 100% benchmark reached even sooner than the maximum projection of 2030 if they are put in place. With the gridlock at the federal level having no end in sight, it is states and even cities that will lead the charge in moving our nation away from fossil fuel dependence for the time being, and it is promising to see Hawaii already ahead of schedule in meeting their goal.honolulu-996344_1280