Home, Office, or Greenhouse, Geodesic Domes Make Unique Options When Going Off Grid

We’ve reported on the benefits of geodesic domes in the past. They are stronger, lighter, often cheaper to heat and cool, and can withstand a variety of extreme conditions and climates depending on the materials that are used. There are plans available online and various companies that offer geodesic domes as housing, office, or even greenhouse spaces. One company out of Romania builds and sells 20 different models. Biodome Systems SRL can build domes in a variety of sizes for almost any need you may have, and such domes are often great options to supplement an off grid home/cabin or homestead. They do make great greenhouses and a tall enough model can allow you to try your hand at vertical gardening, aquaponic systems, hydroponics, or any other style you wish, including traditional farm/garden.


The domes offered by Biodome Systems SRL include a steel frame and stone finished interior walls, which the company says improves their insulation properties in both heat and cold. While they currently only operate in the EU, there are other options in the U.S. and Canada. When built as a home, adding solar or wind to help power your dome can take you off grid with less energy needs than a more traditional designed home. While geodesic domes have been around since the 1960’s, they remain a solid and unique option that more are turning to for a variety of needs.