How to Build a DIY Chicken Tunnel For Your Homestead

Here is a way to keep your chickens where you want them while giving them freedom and access to more bugs and weeds. It is a win win situation: chickens want to roam free, but we want to keep them out of flower beds and off of walkways where their droppings are a nuisance. So these chicken tunnels make sense. You can wind the chickens out to an opened up fenced area where they have lots of freedom, and then tunnel them back, avoiding areas like flower beds and garden plants.


When the chickens have eaten enough weeds and bug in their path the tunnels can be moved over a couple feet to allow a new path of weeds or grasses to munch on. In the mean time the original path can be recuperating and prepared for the next attack from the chickens. A chicken tunnel could even be used as a lawn mower if you have enough chickens and the tunnels are mobile enough to move as needed. The best thing about this process is the freedom the chickens get. They move around and are not cooped up all the time. At the same time they are safe from other animals and they can’t wander far. Great for the chickens! Here are some pictures of how these tunnels look and are made. Click the link below for more info.