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How To Grow 10 Times The Food in Half The Time

How To Grow 10 Times The Food in Half The Time

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Here’s a great article on aquaponics and how you can use this growing method to increase your overall crop yield faster than you could ever imagine. Aquaponics is the growing of plants and fish together in a closed loop system. It uses the nutrient in the fish waste to feed the plants and supply them with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, while the plants act as natural water filters. The plus side to this is it uses up to 90% less water than traditional row-cropping or mono-cropping, and can be grown indoors or in a greenhouse year-round. This increases annual crop yield while using less space when growing vertically. This also means more crop yield per square foot and if you’re in business, higher production per acre vs row crops.


Aquaponics has a learning curve, and is more complex than traditional growing, but the advantages far outweigh the time it takes to learn. Read the article below for more information on how aquaponics can increase your total crop yield while cutting the time it takes to grow.


Aquaponics: How You Can Grow 10 Times The Food In Half The Time

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