How To Make a Rain Barrel The Easy Way


Here’s a great video on how to build a rain barrel for rainwater collecting. Since Colorado has recently made it legal to collect rainwater I thought it would be a good idea to post this quick and easy rain barrel for your home. This How To Make a Rain Barrel video was created by Texas A&M University. Simply duplicate this technique for each barrel at each corner of your home and you’ll have 220 gallons of water in no time. This gives you plenty of water for your garden and in an emergency the water can be filtered, boiled or treated to provide potable drinking water. If you really wanted to get fancy you could dig a hole and install a cistern. A cistern could hold hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water for later use.

AgriLife Water University

Rain barrels are really a very simple build and anyone with basic knowledge can build one.  So, what are you waiting on? Go build your rain barrel!


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