Ireland Takes A Stand Against Fossil Fuels

With renewable energy taking the lead in new energy capacity, and with more and more citizens seeing fossil fuels as an ethical issue, we’ve seen local and state governments partially divesting from fossil fuels with their government investment funds. These have been rather small moves, only removing a portion of their investments from the fossil fuel industry, but now Ireland is poised to become the first nation on the planet to completely divest. This move means that they will sell off their stocks and other investments that are tied to oil, gas, and coal and other countries could follow their lead.
The Irish Parliament approved the move in a vote by 90 to 53 as an attempt at more ethical investing and financing, and it is expected to become law after a review by the financial committee. Deputy Thomas Pringle, who introduced the bill, says about the move “This principle of ethical financing is a symbol to these global corporations that their continual manipulation of climate science, denial of the existence of climate change and their controversial lobbying practices of politicians around the world is no longer tolerated,”. If nothing else, Ireland has decided to put their money where their mouth is.