Irony Alert! Kentucky Coal Museum To Install Solar Panels To Cut Costs

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The cost of solar and other renewable energy sources continues to fall. This simple fact has been widely reported, and it is why renewable energy saw huge increases in capacity around the globe in 2016, with many gains still on a furious pace the first quarter into 2017 (yep, the year is about a ¼ over with already). In an interesting twist of irony, though not an unexpected one with the above information, the Kentucky Coal Museum will be turning to solar in order to provide the power for their facilities this year. Yep, you read that right. The Kentucky Coal Museum is going to install solar panels to help reduce costs.
solar power myths debunked
To be fair, the museum is located in a small town in KY, but it is the best location for new solar panels, and it is the most expensive electric customer in the town, so this move should help the town save money. Solar and other renewable’s have been a staple for off grid living for years now, but it is hard to escape the irony that in order to save money and cut costs, the Kentucky Coal Museum will turn to Green/Solar power and they expect to save anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000 per year on their energy costs.  The technology, the costs, and other factors have been moving away from coal as a viable energy source for at least the last 10 years as natural gas, solar, and other sources have become cheaper, more efficient, and cleaner. No matter the rhetoric, this is likely to continue to be trend for the foreseeable future.