Kalamazoo County Seizes Injured Woman’s Home To Sell For A Profit!

County Takes Home Over 1 Missed Payment!

Kalamazoo county has seized Deborah Calley’s property for ONE missed tax payment that happened two years ago, and now they plan on auctioning the woman’s home off to the highest bidder and keeping the profits.

County Takes Home Over 1 Missed Payment!

The worst part is the woman paid CASH for the home, and because she missed ONE payment (which is excusable by her injuries sustained in a car accident two years ago) the county is basically taking her house from her. A house SHE OWNS OUTRIGHT! because she missed ONE tax payment.

Deborah Calley told WITI that she paid cash for her dream home in 2010. She had thought that it would make raising two children easier while she was recovering from the traumatic car accident.”

This is THEFT! It’s a land grab. Simple as that. The county is using the tax code against this woman to take her property and sell it for cash so they can profit from it.

Since when is stealing legal!?  Well, technically, what they are doing it not illegal, but it certainly doesn’t make it right. It’s a travesty that happens all too often in this country. Time and time again, people are abused, and taken advantage of by counties who simply want more money, land and power.

Is that what’s happening here? I don’t know… Could be. It seems to be the case.

The county says they sent notices to the woman, but the records show that the notices were sent to banks, and not to the woman’s address, according to RawStory.

“Court documents obtained by WITI showed that notices went out about the missed payment, but Calley said that did not see a single one of them. WITI discovered that all but one of those notices were addressed to banks, instead of the homeowner.

“I’ve never been affiliated with any of those banks, ever,” Calley noted, pointing out that she paid $164,000 cash for her home and did not have a mortgage.

And she said that she had proof that the letter that the county said was addressed to her also went to a bank.

“I know for a fact that it went back to this company called Title Check, because I have a receipt from the person at Title Check who signed it at their address in Kalamazoo,” she remarked.”

It seems pretty clear what’s happening here. If the above is true, and the woman never received the notices, then how can the county come in and take her home. Legally, and technically they can. However, they MUST SHOW and be able to prove the woman got those notices. The fact that the notices were sent to banks and businesses that the woman had no affiliation with, and supposedly only one notice was actually sent to her house is a technicality that should stop any legal tax seizure action the county is taking.

“Calley has offered to pay her back taxes, but the county has said that it is now too late. And to make matters worse, the county will also keep all profits from auctioning her home. The highest bid so far has been $80,000.”

That, and the fact the woman has a valid medical reason why she did not know she missed the ONE tax payment for about $2000.

The county is basically taking a $164,000 home from Deborah Calley over a $2000 unpaid tax bill, and will be legally allowed to sell it for the highest bid, and KEEP THE PROFIT from it. Thereby taking Deborah Calley’s home, and causing her to not only lose her home, but her daughter too. See, Deborah Calley has had to take her youngest daughter to her father’s place so she’ll have a place to live.

Not only is the county basically stealing her home, but Deborah Calley has to endure the hardship of being separated from her daughter.

The county is literally ripping a family apart and destroying their lives over a $2000 tax bill, and they are refusing to allow the woman to pay the bill!!!

The BIGGEST reason why this should not happen, and the county should give the woman her house back, is because this tax seizure though legal by law, is completely unjustified, it’s wrong, it’s unethical, it’s immoral, it’s an abusive of power and the citizens.

If this is not resolved and the woman given a chance to pay the back tax bill and given her house back, the citizens of Kalamazoo county should call a no confidence vote from the community directed at the county and city counsel who allow this to happen.

Send your opinions to Kalamazoo county.

Let them know that this is WRONG and they should allow the woman to pay her tax bill, and get her house back.



Kalamazoo mother loses home over one missed property tax payment

MI county sells injured mom’s home over one tax bill, and will keep extra $80,000 profit