Kimbal Musk Investing in Vertical Farming Development.

We often cover the business ventures of Elon Musk since his investments in solar, batteries, and other off grid related technology make him fairly relevant to off grid  living and its future, but he isn’t the only Musk who has decided to help fund an idea that could benefit those who decide to live off  grid. Kimbal Musk, brother of Elon, has partnered with Tobias Peggs to invest in, and help develop, vertical farming ventures in an old Pfizer factory in Brooklyn, NY. By taking applications from young entrepreneurs, they have selected 10 who will each have their own shipping container set up with vertical farming equipment to help develop new techniques, technologies, and ideas that can help make the practice of vertical farming an option to more people.
This fall will see the start of this experiment, and each of the 10 selected will have 24/7 access to their unit for the next year. The hope is that by having access to some of the state of the art technology, they will find ways to grow different foods, speed up growing times, increase yields, or come up with something entirely unexpected to help advance the vertical farming concept. Vertical farming can be a great benefit to urban farming, and can also help those living off grid set up a system that can grow the equivalent of 2 acres worth of food inside the space of a shipping container. Not only that but vertical farming uses less water, can produce greater yields, and because it is shielded from the elements with a shorter harvest time, it can keep producing food year round and at a faster rate than traditional farming. The smaller space needed for vertical farming also means that even with limited land available, a person or family can grow enough food to sustain themselves without needing the land, using up large amounts of water, or requiring excessive use of chemicals.