Las Vegas Hits The Jackpot By Going To 100% Renewable Energy!

When you think Las Vegas you probably don’t think of renewable energy, even with all those flashing neon lights beckoning from afar. Well, Vegas has become the largest city in the U.S. to be powered entirely by renewable energy, a goal they set 8 years in 2008. The city has been installing solar panels on their buildings and implanted various other sustainability programs. Now that a new 100 megawatt solar energy plant  has been completed and with some of their power also coming from the Hoover Dam, Las Vegas is 100% powered by renewable sources. This along with other programs is estimated to have reduced the city’s energy usage by 30%, which is a savings of around 5 million dollars per year. It is probably not much surprise that Burlington Vermont is the second largest city with 100% renewable energy, which they achieved in 2014.las-vegas-1116325_640