Live a Mortgage Free Life in a Tiny House or Off Grid Cabin

tiny house

Living off the grid means disconnected from the electrical grid, by definition. However, you can also disconnect yourself from a lifetime of debt by living small in a tiny house or cabin. Ideally you could build a cabin the old fashioned way, gathering materials from the land. Timber and stone are the best building materials in the world, and the most abundant. They’re also the least expensive alternative to buying all your materials, or even a kit home that you build yourself. You can also buy pre-built cabins and tiny houses which aren’t much more than sheds, which can later be converted into dwelling depending on your local building ordinances.

tiny house

Besides that, the money you save by not signing away your life on a 30 year mortgage is worth it for many reasons, the least of which is immediate savings, and the best, being you will actually get more time with your family because you’re not working 40-60 hours per week for the next 3 decades.

“Consider this: A residential mortgage will amount to as much as three times the purchase price of a house over the life of the payment schedule. A $100,000 house would cost more than $314,000 at 10 percent interest amortized over 30 years. The monthly mortgage payment can amount to as much as half your regular income. What would you do with an extra $873 every month?” Read more:


Live Smaller

Saving your money, you can get into a tiny home or for $5k to $25k and not have a huge mortgage to pay off. For less than a new car you can own your own home free and clear with some diligent planning and savings for a few years.

If you’re more hands-on and DIY, and like the the log cabin idea, then you could opt to buy the tools and equipment and make your own lumber from the timber on your land instead of spending all your money on materials. The money saved by actually building your own home will go a long way toward becoming mortgage free.

To clarify, mortgage free does not mean debt free. You’ll probably still have other smaller debts. But, getting rid of your mortgage payment by going tiny, cutting costs, and living below your means, not only frees up your money, it frees your family.

That I think, is what living off the grid is about.

Freedom to enjoy life and spend it with your family.