New 410 Home Off Grid Community Under Construction In Hawaii

A developer in Hawaii has started construction on the first 195 homes out of what will eventually be a 410 unit community of off grid homes. The off grid community will be located on the Big Island just off the Gold Coast and the homes, as well as other buildings, will be completely off grid thanks to 25 solar panels per home, as well as a community micro-grid that will provide a 2 megawatt backup. Each home will be independent otherwise, running on the power they generate and store in a Blue Planet Energy,  Blue Ion battery system. They are also planning on creating their own water filtration system and a constructed wetland using grey water. Of course, these homes won’t come cheap, with starting prices at right around $750,000.
Originally the developer, Brian Anderson, was planning on building a golf course community, but after discussions with local government, he decided that they simply didn’t need another golf course so he decided to look for another idea. That is when he decided to work with Blue Planet Energy to help design and build a self contained, off grid, community. It will sit on 252 acres and will feature several walking and biking trails as well as access to a private beach club. If you have the money, going off grid in a state many consider to be a paradise may not be a bad way to spend it.