Off Grid Hackerspace: Open Lab

OFF GRID HACKERSPACE (OPEN LAB): No, not computer hacking! 😉

Open Lab: Off Grid Hackspace

In case you don’t know what a HackSpace is, it’s basically a place you can go to use all the available tools and equipment to make stuff. There is a monthly membership fee, and that gives you access to all the cool tools and equipment 24/7/365 to build things and make stuff. Very cool idea. It’s big in Europe, and is now starting to gain ground here in the USA in the Maker community. (Maker Movement) DIY

It’s a great way to share and exchange ideas, brainstorm new technologies, and invent things that can change the world. COOL STUFF!

This is a way for DIY people who like to build things to come together and have access to the machines and tools it takes to build their inventions.


You don’t need 50 different private garages only accessible by the owners of the garages and shops where no one can really work, you need a garage that is open to 50-500 people with access to all the tools and equipment you need to make your idea a reality.

This is a map of the world’s hackerspaces.

We have plans to have a Hackspace within our off grid community, partly as a revenue generator to help grow the community, but even more so, it will be for parts fabrication, welding, hardware, and even software, computer lab, and of course to build things and make stuff!!! 😉

Reinvent the world.