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Off-grid smart home

Off-grid smart home

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Loren has created his own smart earthship utilizing solar panels and solar water heaters and all ran from a computer. Loren Amelang once helped code for Silicon Valley companies, but he’d always been sensitive to environment so when his employer installed fluorescent lighting and wouldn’t let employees use their own lights, he decided to move to the country and craft his off-grid dream home.

He has created his own water treatment system that uses Ozone and has no environmental impact. The house uses DC lighting which has no flicker and is a lot more energy efficient than regular lighting. The house can tell if it is too hot and open the roof vents to let the heat out. It is the same for the hot water heater it uses solar in the summer and a wood stove in the winter and has a natural gas backup. The wood stove has a dual purpose one heating water and two heating the house in the winter. The house has temperature gages that tell the computer if there is a fire in the wood stove and the smart house does the rest, turning on water pumps and circulating the hot water to areas where it is needed.


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