Off Grid Technology Could End Up Feeding The World With Solar Floating Farms.

As the population continues to increase, one of the major challenges we face is how to provide enough food to meet the increasing demand, and with climate change making some areas less hospitable to farming, one idea being considered is floating farm systems.

One such concept from Forward Thinking Agriculture would also incorporate solar, aquaculture, and hydroponic systems in order to provide for all the needs of the floating system. By using a floating platform, underutilized bodies of water can be put to better use and the multiple systems in one can be used to produce fruits, vegetables, and even fish.

sff_4_1_1250Each system is an independent multi level module that would have a level for aquaculture and desalination, a level for hydroponic farming, and the rooftop level for solar panels and rain water collection. Each module can be connected to others with floating walkways in between to access each unit. While not specific to an off grid lifestyle, it is certainly an interesting concept that utilizes existing off grid technology to hopefully solve a problem the world will face in the not too distant future, just one more example of how off grid living is providing solutions to the entire world.