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Off Grid World Outdoors: Hiking Camping & Adventure Off The Grid

Off Grid World Outdoors: Hiking Camping & Adventure Off The Grid

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Welcome to Off Grid World Outdoors. All about disconnecting, getting off the grid and back to nature.


As off-gridders we’re also nature lovers. We love hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, exploring and adventuring all over the world. It’s in our nature as independent people.

Off Grid Mountain


When you’re in the wilderness in the middle-of-nowhere there’s a sense of peace. It’s quiet. You can let go of your everyday problems and relax for a change and recharge your battery.

Before we get into all that, I want to tell a story of a man who climbed a mountain. But somehow, even in the midst of success, he lost his will and his path along the way.

I’m no one special. I’m just a regular person. An imperfect human being. Searching for happiness and contentment for me and my family, just like the rest of humanity. I choose to share my personal experiences with others in this public forum in the hopes that maybe it will help those who need help or direction. A new perspective helps us all see things differently, from a new angle, and perhaps see a way.

I am avid outdoorsman who allowed myself to be dragged into the everyday grind of making ends meet. I started my own business, and have been successful in that endeavor which has allowed me a certain independence. However, in pursuing and focusing on my business goals, I temporarily lost sight of my true personal long term goal. Happiness.

Before you can reconnect with nature you must first disconnect yourself from your current world of 9-5 work schedules, traffic jams, long commutes, and rushed late night fast food dinners. It’s the rat-race. The system. The daily grind. Whatever the metaphor, it’s got us tied down, chained to a concrete gray world of stone-cold hard truths and unforgiving glass and steel boxes, caging us in.

There’s got to be a better way, we think to ourselves as we drive our daily 1 hour commute to work. We’re forced into monotonous routines and a socially accepted mediocrity called a normal life, all to meet the ideology of the majority’s ideal of status-quo. It doesn’t have to be like that.

This is my story told in a metaphorical generalization which touches on the everyday hardships each and every one of us face in our daily lives and the struggle we all go through to reach our goals, whether they be personal or professional.

The Mountain


Like many people who go through hardship, I lost everything I owned. I was angry, hurt, resentful, and emotionally drained. Even in that hard time, though it was hard to grab on to, I still had an inner determination and my resolve allowed me to refocus my anger into something positive. A plan of action. Resettle, put down roots, provide for my daughter, and to start a business. I did. As I started up the winding narrow mountain path towards success I focused on the end goal. Like a machine on a pre-programmed mission I chopped through the thick jungle, blazing a trail to success. Or at least what I thought was success. I had a goal, and was going to reach it no matter what because I was determined. Armed with crystal clear focus and sheer determination I was going to make it through to the top of the mountain. It was good for a long time. I accomplished all my goals one after another. Taking baby steps, then larger and larger strides. After a while though my resolve started to fade in and out. Soon I was walking through a confusing fog, lost in the haze of everyday life. I could no longer see the way because my focus was too narrow. My vision was obstructed, limited. Everywhere I turned there seemed to be no path. I couldn’t find it. I was lost. Realization hit me. Panic ensued. I bolted for the trail I knew was right there on the other side of the next ridge. Only to find after arriving that it was just more thick impenetrable jungle and I was simply ever deeper in the lostness. Frustration and anger grew, and I started chopping, directionless, through the thick underbrush pushing through, knowing that it had to open up and get better, easier. Soon. The next hill. No matter how fast or hard I pushed through, roots lifted to trip me up, and vines reached out, grabbing me by the neck trying to strangle me into submission. I tried to swing my machete to slice through I ended up further entangled in the briar. Thorns jabbing, ripping through my clothes, piercing my skin, stabbing through my armor and tearing at my resolve. Scratching and gouging like dragons claws pulling me down, draining me of my will.



A cold rainy night came. The sun dropped fast below the horizon. Clouds rolled in. Shadows grew longer, reaching like cold dark hands out towards me. The dark crept ever faster inward until it was pitch black with no visible trail. Only brief flashes of teasing light from the occasional lightening lit the way. Each time ever closer. The storm was coming. Swooping down on my position. I had no shelter but for a small rocky outcrop. Cold and unforgiving. The rumbling thunder ominously foretold the coming deluge. The rain came cold. Drenching, soaking, chilling to the bone. Sleep. What was that? Cold, wet, lost, exhausted. Hope seemed so far away. Out of reach. After what seemed like an eternity, the storm passed. A chilly restless and intermittent sleep finally came. In the cool dark of the early morning just before sunrise, far in the distance there was a faint glow. Through the black, tiny beams of light pushed back the darkness. Light fell silently through branches of gnarly trees to the jungle floor. Small patches of light appeared, slowly growing, enveloping me in hope for a better day to come. No matter how dark it gets, the light always shines the next day.

A New Dawn

A New Dawn

The sun rose strong and bright. A beautiful day. Fresh, clean and new. The smell of ozone in the air from the storm since passed through the mountains. Birds chirped happily to a new day.

This was a new dawn on a new day. A chance to start fresh.



Mountains and trails, dusk and dawn, dark and light, are all metaphors for life and the challenges we all face.


As an independent person I appreciate the solitude and sanctuary of nature. It’s a gift. It brings peace to my soul and allows me to reconnect with the natural world I love.

The natural world is off grid.

Why aren’t we?

Time to go off grid.

(To be continued…)


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