Open Source Shelter You Can “Print” on CNC Machine Assembles in 5 Hours

cnc house image pieter stoutjesdijk
Image: pieter stoutjesdijk

3 years after a massive earthquake leveled Port-au-Prince Haiti, hundreds of thousands of local people are living in tent cities and shanties. Haiti needs shelter. That is a simple, undeniable fact. The question is how best to do that. Enter Dutch architect Pieter Stoutjesdijk of ECOnnect. He designed this shelter to be built with Ecoboard100% digitally fabricated and 100% biobased architecture“.

The design is downloaded to any computer in the world. Each design piece of the house can be sent to a CNC machine, and the pieces cut to exact specifications. The pieces are then fitted together much like LEGOs®. The whole house can be assembled in 5 hours. The design has a unique roof, which helps catch rainwater which can be then be filtered and used for drinking, bathing and cooking.

It’s inspiring to know that people have not forgotten about the people of Haiti, and more recently the people affected by the super-massive typhoon Haiyan that slammed into the Philippines not to long ago which killed thousands and left many more homeless.

Viable solutions to these disaster scenarios need to become affordable. This home is priced around $10,000. An honestly is a great idea, but at a price most cannot afford in a disaster situation. Especially folks who have just lost everything. Their main need is clean drinking water, food, and shelter. Shelter that can be immediately deployed in a disaster scenario to provide relief to the people who need it WHEN they need it.

This is and can be part of that solution. It’s still in it’s infancy. Though much work and thought has gone into it.


It stands to reason with a little more tweaking manufacturing  costs could be lowered and manufacturing facilities (CNC shop) could essentially be placed in strategic locations worldwide. Areas prone to natural disasters could  have shops in place and designs ready to go in case of an emergency.

In the interim, manufacturing would become streamlined, production would increase, costs would be lowered, and local peoples would have employment.

These “printable” homes need not be relegated to disaster relief. They are aesthetically pleasing, inexpensive, and many folks would be proud to call this house home.

The fact that it can be downloaded and practically printed in your garage makes it even better.

cnc house image pieter stoutjesdijk
Image: pieter stoutjesdijk

via: ECOnnect

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