Paper Thin Flexible Printed Solar Cells Could Provide Power for 1.3 Billion People

Paper-thin solar cells could provide power to 1.3 billion people all over the world. The flexible solar cells are printed on an industrial printer. Inexpensive flexible solar cells creates a market with unlimited potential and unlimited applications in many different industries. It’s not often you see a truly revolutionary product. This is one that is sure to inspire.

paper-thin-solar-cell Printed-solar-cells-1

“Paper-thin solar cells require only an industrial printer to manufacture and are inexpensive to produce. Unlike traditional panels, the printed solar cells are flexible, which eases their transportation to rural locations. Printed solar cells have developed rapidly, rising from 3% efficiency to 20 percent in just a few years. “I’ve witnessed first-hand how the technology has enabled urban poor communities in India to access off-grid electricity,” says Scott Watkins of Korean firm Kyung-In Synthetic. “Its success is due to its cost effectiveness and simplicity. A 10×10 cm solar cell film is enough to generate as much as 10-50 watts per square meter.” ~Inhabitat

This could change the solar world and market forever.