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Plans For 200 Tiny House Community Approved in Colorado

Plans For 200 Tiny House Community Approved in Colorado

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With some states and cities making it harder for those looking into tiny homes due to housing/building codes that include minimum size requirements, mandatory grid connectivity, bans on homes with wheels, and other hurdles to clear, it is encouraging to see some areas of the country embracing tiny homes as a possible solution, or at least a partial solution, to housing crunches. In Colorado, where housing is scarce in some areas, Salida has approved a community of 200 tiny homes along the Arkansas river, which would likely be one of the largest such communities in the nation. The homes will be built on permanent foundations, and some will be set aside for local workers while others will be short term rentals for vacation homes with the remainder being mostly attainable housing that will include all utilities in the rent.

Units will range in size from 200 to 800 square feet, and rent will range from $750 to $1,400 per month but will include utilities. Colorado has seen an increase in demand for housing which has caused rental rates to climb faster than income levels. If it proves to be successful, it could be the spark that helps ignite other cities to embrace the tiny home movement as a way to deal with their housing crunches as well.

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