Plant Powered Bio-Solar Panels Powers Radio & Possibly Your Home!

OK, I’ve seen some cool stuff, and these “bio solar panels” are at the top of the list of cool hi-tech plant powered gadgets I’ve ever seen. The potential here for scalability is exponential. The cool-factor is a 8 or 9 on a scale of 10.


Moss Powered Radio

Moss FM – Fabienne Felder from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Imagine your entire roof being covered in plants. Not just moss, but edibles.

Torfhaus Grass Roof Iceland Hut

Not only would the plants and grow-media act as insulation for your home, they could also be generating electricity as well, that can be stored in your battery bank.



 Now, obviously this moss powered gadget isn;t going to power your home. But the potential is there to use other plants on a larger scale to possibly power some of your lighting, or lower energy technology like your laptop, tablets, and charge your cell phone.

This is exciting new technology!


via: Dezeen – Moss used as “bio solar panels to power a radio