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Russian TV Plans to Turn Off Grid Survival Into “Hunger Games” Style Contest.

Russian TV Plans to Turn Off Grid Survival Into “Hunger Games” Style Contest.

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The TV show Survivor had men and women who fancied themselves “survivors” eager to test themselves against the various challenges in remote and exotic locations. Still, there wasn’t much of an actual survival aspect when it got down to it. Well, there is a new show scheduled for Russian TV, titled Game 2: Winter, that is a lot closer to The Hunger Games than it is to a popularity contest and it is supposed to be staged in Siberia, home to some of the most trying conditions on the planet at times, and from the sounds of it, having actual survival skills will be more of a factor than how you can screw over other contestants though that will also play into it. Without any crew on location and being miles from the nearest medical assistance, death seems like a real possibility for at least some of the 30 contestants, but they will be allowed to choose some limited supplies to help along the way. The 100 million ruble grand prize ($1.6 million U.S.) has people lining up eager to risk it all for the chance at being a true survivor.inside_forest

                                                          Pictures: Game2: Winter, Vera Salnitskaya

The show boasts that it has only one rule, to survive, which leaves a lot of ethically questionable options available to the contestants, and it is rumored that there will be alcohol and other vices permitted, which could make an already dangerous situation even more so. However, all participants will still be subject to the laws of the Russian Federation and any violation of the law will disqualify you so that should at least keep people from crossing some lines. The producers are planning on using 2,000 cameras, including ones worn by the contestants, on around 900 hectares of Siberian forest wilderness. Bears, snakes, poisonous plants, Siberian winter, and the rugged terrain, will all be things that contestant has to overcome over the course of 9 months. If you happen to feel you can survive in the most extreme circumstances there may still be time to apply, and if not, perhaps there will be a season two.

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