San Diego Area Hospital Goes Off Grid!

In Le Mesa California, near San Diego, a local hospital has gone off the grid by constructing their own natural gas power plant. The move takes the hospital off of the San Diego Gas and Electric grid and provides the hospital with its own source of power, one that is more reliable and steady which can be vital when it comes to patient care. The plant was originally planned and funded back in 2006, and now that it is operational it is expected to save the hospital up to $180,000 per month. That money can be spent in other areas allowing the hospital to upgrade equipment and provide more care to their patients. This could be a model that other hospitals or even other large entities, such as businesses, colleges, etc, may choose to follow especially if it can save them millions of dollars per year in utilities. While it isn’t what most think of when talking about going off the grid, expect other businesses to see how well it works out for Sharp Grossmont Hospital.