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Small Wind Energy Breakthrough Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Small Wind Energy Breakthrough Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

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Media Release   June 2016.

Small wind-energy breakthrough

When watching a neighbour’s rooftop air extractor some years back, Australian inventor David Ettridge wondered why the popular air extracting devices were not being used to create energy. ‘I saw an opportunity to build a scaled up version of the air extractor and this started a 5 year commitment to my new NRGPLUS rooftop and windmill wind turbines’ he told us.


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‘Development was a process of trial and error to discover exactly what was needed in strong blade design, lightweight build characteristics, ratios for gearing and overall blade dimensions to make it function at a new worlds best standard’ he said.

‘The NRGPLUS range is a vertical axis design which has advantages over the traditional propeller turbines. For example vertical axis designs do not need to be braked or feathered in strong winds. Propeller blades such as on windmills can break up during 80-90kph winds. Mine has been repeatedly field tested in 130kph winds.’ Ettridge said. ‘Plus my turbine design cannot turn faster than the wind speed and it doesn’t deliver the blade tip speeds and noise of a bladed turbine’ he claimed. ‘It also does not present any danger for bird strikes as it is always visible’ he added.

‘I have over time improved the design to provide a 2.5: 1 gearing which is essential to get the rotational speed that small generators need get best current outputs’ he said. ‘Further, because my turbine is magnetically levitated it has no friction to overcome, no noise and no vibration, which is a great advantage.’ Ettridge said.

‘The recent arrival of hi-tech battery storage pods has stimulated the off grid market and I expect a lot of interest in my two products as stand alone or ideal companions with solar for delivering 24 hour a day energy for battery storage’ Ettridge claimed.

‘I plan to offer my rooftop and windmill products in flat packs for direct from factory prices suitable for any handyman to assemble’ he said. ‘Currently I am focussed on creating a market in the United States for off grid users’.

‘One feature of wind is that it is available 24 hours a day, unlike solar which functions for around 6 hours a day’ Ettridge said.  ‘Together the combination provides a great solution to free energy needs’ Ettridge added.


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