Solar Is Now Poised To Become The Cheapest Source Of Energy!

solar power myths debunked

The cost of solar has dropped, and it has dropped significantly. In fact, thanks to a steady and rather large increase in investment over the last five years, Bloomberg New Energy Finance is saying that solar has entered an era of being able to undercut fossil fuels. Nations, Such as China, that just a few years ago were still investing in coal or even natural gas have increased their funding, research, and construction of solar at an ever increasing pace. China is also helping other nations with their own solar power production and in many parts of the developing world solar and wind are some of the only viable options to power large portions of the population. What this means is that solar is quickly reaching the point where it costs about 50% of energy produced from coal and it is even cutting into the market share of natural gas. Even in the renewable market where investment in wind had been the dominant choice, solar is expected to exceed new power production once the numbers come in at the end of the power myths debunked